What is Stuttgart-IX?

The Stuttgart Internet Exchange, short: Stuttgart-IX, is an Internet Exchange (IXP) in the heart of Stuttgart, Germany.
Since 2005 Stuttgart-IX offers its members a way to exchange data as fast and local as possible.

Stuttgart-IX is a carrier-neutral Internet Exchange, allowing CDNs, ISPs, Carriers, Univiersities and any other network operator to exchange data locally.

Network Operators can connect via BGP in the Peering LAN or via direct private Layer2 VLANs.

Who can get connected?

Stuttgart-IX aims at Carriers, CDNs, ISPs, carriers, universities and any other form of network operator to connect without a so called transit provider. The aim is to increase speed, reliability and decrease latency by facilitating a regional exchange of data between networks.

Stuttgart-IX encourages a neutral community of network operators in the Stuttgart and Baden-Wuerttemberg region.

You can find a list of connected networks here.

Who runs Stuttgart-IX?

Stuttgart-IX was found in 2005 by André Scholz and Winfried Haug with the idea to encourage local network operators to connect within the region.
In the beginning Stuttgart-IX was operated by “interscholz Internet Services GmbH” which operated the datacenter and the technical infrastructure. In 2011 “ISP Service eG” supported Stuttgart-IX by offering Rackspace and Cross Connects to other Colocations in the Zettachring 10 campus and stepped up as the legal entity running Stuttgart-IX in 2019.

Stuttgart-IX is operated by a group of volunteering Network Engineers which feel connected to the Stuttgart region.

Where can I get to know you?

The Community around Stuttgart-IX meets up regularily in Stuttgart to discuss current matters in a relaxed atmosphere, you can find the next meeting on our News page.

How can I join?

You can find further information regarding prerequirements, locations and pricing on our offer page.