Peering in the heart of Stuttgart

Stuttgart-IX is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in the heart of Stuttgart, Germany. Stuttgart-IX offers direct, fast and reliable data exchange since 2005.

As carrier-neutral Internet Exchange Stuttgart-IX offers its services to carriers, CDNs, ISPs, univiersties and other network operators to facilitate a fast and local exchange.

Stuttgart-IX offers BGP peering in its public PeeringLAN as well as private Layer2-VLANS to allow a direct connection between peers.

Who operates Stuttgart-IX?

Stuttgart-IX is operated by a group of voluntary Internet experts from the Stuttgart area, you can reach them via ops @ stuttgart-ix . de.
The legal entity behind the Stuttgart-IX is ISP Service e.G., a national companionship of ISPs.

The costs of Stuttgart-IX are covered by its members fees, which are solely invested to cover the costs of running and expanding the Internet Exchange in the Stuttgart region.

Stuttgart-IX is a proud supporter of the MANRS-initiative