Peering in the heart of Stuttgart

Stuttgart Intternet Exchange, short Stuttgart-IX is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in the heart of Stuttgart, Germany. It offers its members direct, fast, and reliable low-latency data exchange since 2005.

As a carrier-neutral Internet Exchange Stuttgart-IX offers its services to carriers, CDNs, ISPs, univiersities and other network operators to facilitate a fast and local exchange.

Stuttgart-IX offers BGP peering in its public Peering LAN as well as private Layer-2 VLANs to allow a direct connections between peers.

Who operates Stuttgart-IX?

Stuttgart-IX is operated by a group of voluntary Internet experts from the Stuttgart area. You can reach them via ops (at) stuttgart-ix . de.
The legal entity behind the Stuttgart-IX is ISP Service e.G., a national companionship of small and medium sized ISPs.

Stuttgart-IX is financed by member fees of its peers.
These fees are solely sinvested to cover the costs of running (Colocation, accounting, electricity, …) and expanding the Internet Exchange in the Stuttgart region.

Stuttgart-IX is proud supporter of the MANRS-initiative