All peers currently connected to Stuttgart-IX can be found in the table below. Furhter information is available here.
This table is also available in the IX-F Member Export JSON Schema via our JSON-API.

Organization ASN RouteServer Peer Speed
Akamai Technologies 20940 yes 2x100G
ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH 47147 yes 10G
AS112 Projekt 112 yes 10G
Aquilius Research GmbH 51492 yes 10G
BelWue 553 yes 100G 212232 yes 1G
Cloudflare Inc. 13335 yes 100G
CMO Internet Dienstleistungen GmbH 25058 yes 10G
Core-Backbone GmbH 33891 yes 50G
Dr.-Ing. Nepustil & Co. GmbH 33843 yes 10G
Dr.-Ing. Nepustil & Co. GmbH 12502 yes 10G
Facebook Inc. 63293 yes 100G
Globalways GmbH 48918 yes 10G
imos GmbH 20677 yes 10G
ISP Service eG 198818 yes 1G Netzwerksysteme Gmbh 12374 no 1G
omnidat Gmbh 202707 yes 1G
Packet Clearing House 3856 yes 10G
Packet Clearing House AS42 42 yes 10G
PLANinterNET Gmbh 47138 yes 1G
Plusnet Gmbh 20676 yes 10G GmbH 62336 yes 10G
S-IT Informaationstechnologie Betreiber GmbH & Co. KG 39702 yes 10G 6735 yes 10G
Stadtwerke Konstanz 57154 yes 10G
Stadtwerke Pforzheim 209846 yes 1G
SWU TeleNet GmbH 48284 yes 10G
TeleData GmbH 21263 yes 2x10G