Peering Ports


To get connected you need an Autonomous System Number(ASN), IP Space assigned by your RIR and a Link to one of the Locations(see below). LIR-Status is not necessary.

Prices Stuttgart-IX Access

To get connected you need a Stuttgart-IX Access Port.

  1 Gbps 10 Gbps 100 Gbps
Monthly fee 100,00 EUR* 250,00 EUR* 1250,00 EUR*
Setup fee 0,00 EUR* 500,00 EUR* 2500,00 EUR*
Interface 1G-LX

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Prices Stuttgart-IX PeeringLAN

To peer at Stuttgart-IX you require a Stuttgart-IX Access Port as well as access to the Stuttgart-IX PeeringLAN, which also allows access to the Route Server.

There is no monthly or setup fee associated with the Stuttgart-IX PeeringLAN.

Konditionen Stuttgart-IX PrivateVLAN

To privately connect to another Peer via a 802.1q VLAN you require a Stuttgart-IX Private-VLAN.

Monthly fee 10,00 EUR*
Setup fee 100,00 EUR*

These costs only apply to the ordering party.


It is in the peers responsiblity to colocate it’s equipment in a colocation.
Stuttgart-IX offers no colocation services, but can assist in getting in touch with the respectice datacenter providers.



Stuttgart-IX is physically present at the following locations:

  • RZ4
    • Adress: Zettachring 10A, 70567 Stuttgart
    • Interfaces: Singlemode LX/LR/LR4, others upon request
    • Carriers on site:, NetCom BW, Telia, Versatel, DTAG, SSB
    • PeeringDB


Stuttgart-IX has fiber connectivity to the following sites, allowing equipment colocated there to connect via different interfaces:

  • Plusline-Colocation
    • Adress: Zettachring 10A, 70567 Stuttgart
    • Backhaul: Meetme-Panel
    • Interfaces: CWDM, Dark Fiber
    • Carriers on site: DTAG, Telemaxx, Versatel, Colt, NetCom BW, Gasline, Interoute
    • PeeringDB

  • euNetworks-Colocation
    • Adress: Zettachring 10, 70567 Stuttgart
    • Backhaul: Rack ISPeg
    • Interfaces: CWDM, Dark Fiber
    • Carriers on site: DTAG, Lambdanet/EUnetworks, NetCom BW, Lumen (Level3), Gasline, Versatel
    • PeeringDB

  • Telia Sonera IC
    • Adress: Zettachring 12, 70567 Stuttgart
    • Backhaul: MeetMe-Panel
    • Interfaces: CWDM, Dark Fiber
    • Carriers on site: Telia Sonera, NetCom BW
    • PeeringDB

  • Datacenter One GRP10
    • Address: Gropiusplatz 10, 70563 Stuttgart
    • Backhaul: Stuttgart-IX Panel
    • Interfaces: CWDM
    • PeeringDB

* All prices are netto, VAT will be billed accordingly.