purtel.com GmbH upgraded to 10Gbps

purtel.com GmbH AS62336 has been upgraded to 10Gbps.


Stuttgart-IX is proud to announce its support for the MANRS Initiative which aims to provide mutually agreed norms for routing security.
Stuttgart-IX implements MANRs by filtering for RPKI invalids, IRRDB invalids and by assisting its members to implement routing security measures.

New Infrastructure

Stuttgart-IX announces its new peering plattform, featuring a new IXP Manager installation, a new website as well as a new switching platform and new route servers with modern security features such as RPKI.

Stadtwerke Schorndorf joins Stuttgart-IX

Stadtwerke Schorndorf / AS205844 is connected to Stuttgart-IX with 1 Gbps and peering with the route servers.